Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Mission: Secure and Control (1 objective in each deployment, each worth 3 VPs at end of the game)

Cadians vs Space Marines

Cadian Round 1

Bullgryns advance up the board.

Punisher tank moves up to get within 24″ of a unit of 10 Death Watch intercessors while the other units shuffle around to get line of sight (LOS) to the intercessors.

After 1 round of shooting, 8 intercessors are dead, as well as 4 more Crimson Fist Tactical Marines.

The intercessors pass morale test with 2 CPs (to avoid giving first strike points).

Space Marines Round 1

The remaining intercessors and tactical marines move behind the building in the middle of the board to avoid LOS, while Characters move behind them for protection.

In the psychic phase, Grey Knights’ Venerable Dreadnought casts Astral Aim on himself to ignore LOS.

Cadians vs Space Marines

Several buffs are casted on Draigo, before he was Gate of Infinity’d behind the enemy lines

The Venerable Dreadnought opened fire on the punisher tank in the front, degrades it to the second profile.

Draigo failed his charge against Pask, even with the reroll.

Cadian Round 2

Since most Space Marines units are hidden behind terrain, the Cadians focused their fire on Draigo. However, they only took 2 wounds off him. The remaining Crimson Fist tactical marines are killed by mortars.

Space Marines Round 2

The Grey Knights’ Grand Master Voldus Gate of Infinity’s himself to the right flank where Cadian Mortars are hiding. Smite and bolter shots took 3 out of 6 Bullgryns on the left flank down.

The Venerable Dreadnought took down the Punisher Tank with his twin lascannon, Both Draigo and Voldus fail their charges against Pask and the Mortars, respectively.

Cadian Round 3

Veteran Guardsmen, with 3 Melta guns, deepstrike’d themsleves to the right flank where the Venerable Dreadnought is hiding and proceed to take it down in one round of shooting.

The remaining tanks and Guardsmen shoot at Draigo and Voldus, killing them under the weight of fire.

Space Marines Round 3

A unit of 10 Deathwatch Veterans deepstrike’d on the top left flank (the side that Cadian mortars are hiding) and took down two mortars squads – one unit with bolters another unit with their chainswords.

The advancing Bullgryns on the left flank are wiped out with a combination of smites and bolter rounds.

The Veteran Guardsmen that just took down the Venerable Dreadnought got shot at and wiped out by another unit of Deathwatch Veterans

Cadian Round 4

The remaining Cadian tanks and infantry focused fire on the Deathwatch Veterans that just took down the Mortars, killing 4 of them (out of 10).

Space Marines Round 4

The remaining Deathwatch Veterans try to stay alive by locking the remaining unit of mortars in combat to prevent incoming fire, also trying to get a VP from line breaker.

Cadian Round 5

Smites from Cadian Psykers took down the Deathwatch Veterans on the top left corner of the battlefield.

Game ends in a draw:

3 VPs for Cadians, from holding an objective in their deployment zone

3 VPs for Space Marines, from holding an objective in their deployment zone