It remains a sad truth of the Imperium that virtually no veteran ever comes back from fighting its wars intact. Combat alone shreds nerves and shatters bodies. But the horrors of the warp, and of foul xenos forms like the tyranid, steal sanity forever, and leave veterans fearing the shadows, and the night and, sometimes, the nature of their friends and neighbours, for the rest of their lives.

– Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

Campaign 1 Chapter 1 banner

Chapter One Overview

Scenario: A squad of brave soldiers exploring new, unexplored worlds.

Condition: Bring at least one patrol detachment.

Terrain: A long abandoned industrial forward operating base.

  • Traditional 1v1 Matched Play
    • Army points can be any amount (minimum 500). We recommend playing 1,500 points for a good balance between playtime and strategic depth.
  • Boss Fight (2v1, 3v1, or 4v1)
    • The Boss will bring a 2,000 point army.
    • 2v1: Each challenger brings a 1,000 point army.
    • 3v1: Each challenger brings a 670 point army.
    • 4v1: Each challenger brings a 500 point army.
    • Follow the “rule-of-three” when building your army, even if it’s below 1,000 points.

Campaign 1 Chapter 1 banner terrain

Campaign 1 Chapter 1 banner

For All Missions

Deployment and Initiative: Use whichever system you and your opponent are comfortable with.

  • Suggested deployment system: Place objective markers, then roll-off to pick deployment area. Whoever picks first deploys one unit first, then take turns deploying. First player to finish deploying gets +1 to initiative, loser can seize on 6.

Battle Duration: 4 rounds (feel free to agree with your opponent before the game to play a longer or shorter game if you wish).

General Victory Conditions:

  • Slay the Warlord: If the enemy Warlord has been slain during the battle, you score 1 victory point.
  • First Strike: You score 1 victory point if any units from your opponent’s army were destroyed during the first battle round.
  • Linebreaker: If, at the end of the battle, you have at least one model within the enemy’s deployment zone, you score 1 victory point.

Securing Objectives: Have more models than your opponent within 3” of an objective. Measured from base edge to objective marker edge, ignoring height.

Terrain: Terrain gives cover if all models in a unit are fully inside it. For Ruins, first floor windows, doors, and cracks are considered covered-up for LOS. Infantry can pass through ruin walls.

Unacceptable Casualties: If you table your opponent you automatically win.

1v1 Mission

Objective Markers: Players roll off and, starting with the winner, alternate placing objective markers until four have been placed. Each objective marker can be placed anywhere on the battlefield, as long as each is more than 12″ from any other objective marker and more than 6″ from the edge of the battlefield.

Limited Resources: At the start of each battle round, starting with the player who has the first turn, alternate picking objective markers; for each objective marker, each player rolls a D6. The player who scores highest can move that objective marker up to 3″ (they can be moved over models and terrain, but they cannot end the move on top of models, and cannot leave the battlefield – if they would, reduce the distance they are moved by the minimum amount necessary). If the results are tied, that marker is not moved this battle round. The players should then repeat this process for each of the other objective markers.

Salvage Supplies: Starting from the second battle round, each player scores 1 victory point for each objective marker they control at the start of their turn.

Boss Rush Mission

Objective Markers: Four imaginary lines are drawn between the centre of the battlefield and each corner of the battlefield: an objective marker is placed halfway along each of these lines.

Deployment: Boss fights will always use the Dawn of War deployment zone. Players take turn deploying their entire army, starting with the Boss, followed by the player to his left and so on.

Puny insects: All players who are not the Boss take a single turn simultaneously. The Boss always goes last.

The enemy of my enemy: Treat the Boss Fights as a Free-for-all where players are ganging up on the Boss. Additionally:

  • Abilities, auras, and spells that buff friendly units can only be used on your own army.
  • Command Point pools are counted separately for each player.
  • Penalties for successive castings of the Smite spell are counted separately for each player.

For the horde: At the end of each battle round, the side that has destroyed the most number of units scores one victory point. In the event of a tie, no side is awarded any victory points.

Yield no ground: Starting from the second battle round, at the beginning of your side’s turn, score one victory point for each objective marker your side controls.

Campaign 1 Chapter 1 banner

Boss Fight: Nachai (24 Feb, 1pm)

Army: Aeldari

Boss Condition: Allies of Convenience

Bring at least one ally Detachment from a different faction/chapter (e.g. Ultramarines with Salamanders ally, or Cadian Guards with Imperial Knights ally)

Special Rule: Flexible Commander

Any detachment that gives 1 CP gives 2 CPs instead (such as Outrider, Spearhead, etc.)

Boss Fight: Wesley (28 Feb, 7pm)

Army: Chaos

Boss Condition: Play the Special Mission – Godslayer

A Bloodthirster unusually blessed by Khorne roams the ruins of this city. So beloved he is that he may only be slain in close combat! The game ends upon the defeat of the Bloodthirster. The Bloodthirster may only be shot at from within 12 inches. The coalition forces have 4 rounds to slay the Bloodthirster.

Special Rule: Nexus of Violence

All units on the battlefield get +1 to hit and wound during the fight phase.

Campaign 1 Chapter 1 banner


You can earn a maximum of 11 Campaign Points per chapter.

1V1 Matches

  • 1 Campaign Point for playing the match
  • 1 Campaign Point for fulfilling the weekly condition
  • 1 Campaign Point for playing on the chapter’s terrain or playing the chapter’s mission
  • 1 Campaign Point for winning

Boss Fights

  • 2 Campaign Points to all players for issuing a challenge and for playing the match.
  • 2 Campaign Points to all players for defeating the Boss, or getting a draw.
  • 1 Campaign Point to all players for adhering to the Boss Condition.
  • Bosses automatically earn the full 5 Campaign Points, regardless of winning/losing.


  • 2 Campaign Points if you play both formats in a chapter (instead of two boss fights or two 1v1 games).