Custodes – Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike, 2 x Custodian Guards (3)
Necrons (Mephrit) – Necron Overlord, Warriors (11), Gauss Immortals (5), Deathmarks (5), Annihilation Barge

Custodes on a battlefield

Turn 1

The two squads of Custodian Guards raced forward to capture the objective. The Jetbike goes left to support the squad that hasn’t secured its objective, just in case.

Necrons already hold objectives at the start of their turn. Warriors and Deathmarks open fire on an exposed tail of the Jetbike, bringing it down to just 3 wounds. The Annihilation Barge shoots its Tesla Cannons at a squad of Custodian Guards but deal no damage, thanks to their formidable 2+ save.

Turn 2

The 2 custodians squads move forward to capture the objective and take cover from the overwhelming firepower of the Necrons. The Jetbike moves closer, threatening the Necrons.

The Necrons dig their feet in and stay put, jostling their position to take aim at the Custodes. The Barge and Warriors shoot at the Custodian Guards but only managed to deal 1 wound worth of damage. The Immortals open fire at the Jetbike but failed to wound it.

VP: Custodes 1, Necrons 2

Custodes on a battlefield

Turn 3

Both squads of Custodian Guards continue to sit on their objectives. The Jetbike closes in and shoots the Immortals, forcing them off the objective. It then charges into them and annihilates them in close combat, consolidating into the Warriors behind them.

The Warriors fall back, allowing the Annihilation Barge to shoot the Jetbike, dealing damage. The Necron Overlord then teleported himself with snipers to appear behind the Jetbike, in an attempt to bring it down. They also regained the objective previously held by the fallen Immortals. The snipers shot but barely scratched the bike. The Overlord charges but does not make it, taking 1 wound from the overwatch.

VP: Custodes 2, Necrons 3

Turn 4

The Necron snipers lose their objective as it was moved away from their position.

The Jetbike flies across the battlefield to meet the Warriors in combat. It fires a volley at the Warrior squad on the objective and several die. The Guard squads try to whittle down the Warriors from their positions, with the 2 damage guardian spears taking out a few more warriors. The Jetbike makes a successful charge and annihilates the Warrior squad. He captures the objective but is left in a precarious position with only 2 wounds left.

The Necron Snipers shoot the dying Jetbike, leaving it with only 1 wound left. The Annihilation barge fires everything into the bike, finally bringing it down. “Even in Death..”, mutters the captain, as the Jetbike turns around and unleashes a final salvo of rounds into the Necron Overlord, but only manages to get off 1 wound worth of damage.

Custodes on a battlefield

End game

VP: Necrons 4 , Custodes 4

It was a contest of immense firepower against grit and superior defence. The battle saw the Custodes slowly inching forward to their objective whilst the Necrons were content to sit on theirs and shoot. As both sides jostle back and forth for their objectives, the Necrons sealed the draw as they annihilated the Captain on Jetbike for the Slay the Warlord VP.