Soldiers of the Fire Caste! Kroot and Vespid allies! Today, we stand as a bulwark against the selfish, the soulless, and the mad! Today, we must drive back our enemies from our city and from our world! Today, more than ever before, we fight for the Greater Good! And we will triumph!

For the Greater Good is our first 2v2 community event. Here are the important event details for all participants.

Event Details

Date: 28 September (Saturday)

Time: 10am – 6pm (with 1hr lunch time)

Player Count: 8 teams (16 players)

Entry Fee: $20 per team

Format: 2 rounds ITC Champions’ missions

Army Size: 1,000 points per player (Rule of Two applies)

Prizes (Store Credit)

(4 teams) 1st place: $40 for team

(6 teams) 1st place: $50 for team, 2nd place: $30 for team

(8 teams) 1st place: $80 for team, 2nd place: $40 for team

Event Rules

Please send William your full name and army lists by 25 September.

Do download the Best Coast Pairings app, sign up for an account, and give William the email address you used to sign up with.

We will be using the ITC Champions’ Missions pack, which you can find here:

The missions we’ll be playing are:

  • Nexus Control
  • What’s Yours is Mine

Each battle will last for 6 rounds, or 3 hours, whichever comes first.

For all other relevant rules such as Scoring, Tabling, or Concessions, please refer to the mission pack linked above.

As this is a casual community event and not a tournament, there will be no TO present on that day. Please resolve rules disputes with your opponents.

2v2 Clarifications

As this is a 2v2 event, here are a few rules clarifications:

  • Armies are built individually, following the 1,000 points rule-of-two guidelines.
  • Both players in a team take their turns simultaneously.
  • ITC scoring is done as a team, as if it was a 1v1 e.g. maximum of 4 points per Secondary may be scored.
  • Teams may not have more than one of the same named character, warlord trait, or relic in their armies.
  • Teams may not use stratagems and psychic powers with the same name in the same phase.
  • You may not use buffs (auras, powers, stratagems etc.) on your allies.
  • Two debuffs of the same name do not stack on your opponents.
  • If there are any further clarifications, please check with William.

Deployment Changes

We’ll be using the following deployment sequence for every game.

  • The teams roll off and the winner randomly determines which of the standard deployment maps is used in the battle (see the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook) and picks one of the deployment zones for their armies.
  • The opposing team uses the other deployment zone.
  • The team which did not pick their deployment zone first then chooses to deploy their entire armies first or second.
  • The team that deployed first goes first, unless the opposing team seizes the initiative.

Modeling Rules


“Counts as” models are allowed, as long as the size and appearance is similar and it is very clear to your opponent which model is which.

Proxies, such as empty bases or using models that look nothing like the original, are not allowed.

When in doubt about whether something is acceptable, please send William a picture of the unit in question.


Models need to at least be primed or basecoated.